So Fearless. So Fabulous. So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara

“Take Home Tuesday” is tomorrow – take home your order, that is, from the previous week. That also means a new campaign is here and many will cheer seeing Sofia Vergara on the cover. Announcing her new signature fragrance, So Very Sofia, it is described, “as vivacious as Sofia herself.”

A blend of passion fruit, Flor de Mayo orchid and golden patchouli, this Eau de Parfum Spray is the essence of the unexpected. Playful, yet bold, just like Sofia – actress, producer and businesswoman. Passionate about empowering women, Sofia is proud to work with AVON, helping others to take control of their lives and dreams. Her 1.7 fl. oz. Eau de Parfum Spray is only $36. Order now and get a shower gel and body lotion for free!


To make sure you find the fragrance just absolutely lovely prior to spending your money, a scented page is featured in the brochure. So if you want to see about getting one from me – a brochure that is – featuring So Fearless. So Fabulous. So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara, then let me know – It’s easy and the brochure is free!

You can also go to and order anytime!

Oh no, where did August go?

Time to stop wondering what happened to August and switch gears – we are in to September here!

September means a lot of things and at AVON it means Fall Classics. Now in season, the Comforting Fig Collection surrounds the senses with the autumn comforts of sweet figs, juicy plums and warm amber. Order now to take advantage of the great introductory price!

  • Hydrating Shower Gel – $1.99 (will be 6.00)
  • Body Lotion – $3.99 (will be 8.00)
  • Body Spray – $4.99 (will be 10.00)
  • Bubble Bath – $4.99 (will be 8.00)

Even better, you can pick up all four for only $13.99! What a deal.



Use item number 873-800 to get all four for only $13.99.

Order from my online store and get direct shipping right to your door for just $3.00 –  Shipping is free for orders over $40.00.

Shopping online is quick and easy – First, go to my eStore – -then click on any of the “Shop Now” buttons, type the product number (without the hyphen) into the search box in the upper right corner and press “Enter” on your keyboard. Click “Quick Shop” on the product, enter the quantity and “Add to Bag.”

Thank you for your business!

Order $50 and get a $25 value FREE!

What a fantastic deal! Take a look!



Order $50.00 or more from my eStore and receive this fantastic product for FREE!


As you can see, redbook named this one of their most valuable products, and I do as well! While my daily routine involves cleansers from the ANEW CLEAN line along with the cleansing brush, I keep this product in my nightstand for nights when my face could use an extra cleaning before closing my eyes. Just recently, I had showered, scrubbed my face, and was in bed when chaos ensued outside, prompting our dog to excitingly insist that we let him out. After inspecting the porch for possible culprits in need of shooing and taking attendance of my felines, I found myself back in bed feeling like my face could use a fresh wash. These pre-soaked pads were there, which worked out perfectly.

Anyhow, this is a great deal, as the pads normally sell for $24.99. To redeem this fantastic offer, use the code PEEL upon checkout. But don’t wait too long, this offer won’t last!

Shop online at


Batter Dispenser makes baking easier

When most people think of AVON, they think of makeup and skin care products, which the company is widely known for, and synonymous with quality. Most people to whom I have mentioned AVON’s cool kitchen gadgets, do a double-take and say, “Huh? AVON?” Yes, AVON! They have some great home goods!

The latest one to catch my attention, perhaps because I make my share of pancakes, is this batter dispenser:



  • Holds 4 cups
  • Removable top lid
  • Squeeze handle to pour out batter
  • No-mess dispenser
  • Item 006-324  $12.99

The above link should take you directly to this product! You can also look for it in the Avon Living brochure.


The other side – it’s paisley!

This is the other side of the reversible dress I shared in my last post. I wish it came in women’s sizes! I love paisley. And pink!

p12 Avon Living

You will find this dress on page 12 of the Avon Living brochure.

Go to click on “brochures” near the top, click on the right arrow in the middle of the screen to scroll through the brochures, click on the Avon Living brochure and scroll to page 12. Click on the dress and add it to your shopping bag. Keep shopping until you are ready to check out, then click on your shopping bag on the upper right corner. If you create an account, which is simple and fast, you can leave items in your bag for days or weeks until you are ready to check-out!

Adorable outfits for the little ones

The new Avon Living brochure is out and has some cute things for the kids going back to school!

Like this reversible dress ($19.99): prod_5278744_xl

These leggings ($12.99 for 2): prod_5278738_xl


And these adorable high-top sneakers ($19.99): prod_5278748_xl

Throw in some tops ($9.99 for 2) and you’ve got a few outfits right here! prod_5286403_xl

Shop for all these items and more at my eStore – , OR

Request a brochure – I can drop it off to you or send it in the mail.

The Road to Wearing Makeup Again

Well, for two months now I have been applying makeup whenever I go out, and I gotta tell you, what a pain! It really is a chore that adds ten to fifteen minutes to my morning routine, which I already needed to shorten. You see, I am a night-owl who prefers to squeeze my much-needed nightly 7 hours of sleep into the a.m. hours. So am I going to stop wearing the beauty products? No, I am not.

First of all, my husband is a big fan. And he doesn’t mind me buying something extra for 7.16.16 (3)myself every now and then, like this watch I’m wearing here:

Here’s a closer picture:


A ladybug adorns the face of this watch with a white strap and is only $12.99. Also available with tulips on a pink strap or a butterfly on a light blue strap, all are leatherlike and 9″ long.

I love AVON’s fashion items so much, that I will gladly sacrifice some of my morning time and continue wearing makeup. (And some evening time, for I have to take it off!) At any rate, I am for sure into the watches, and AVON has many to choose from!

Another style of watch for summertime with a 10″ long nylon strap, also just $12.99, comes in three different variations of colors.

Then there’s the all new Classic Cuff Watch, available in blue, white, red or black, each for $19.99.

AVON also has affordable fine jewelry, such as sterling silver rings for under forty bucks. The fragrances and the fashion are also fantastic, just wait till I show you the tank tops I got, they’re great!

You can find these things and so much more right here, online, at my eStore –