Introducing ANEW ULTIMATE SUPREME Advanced Performance Créme infused with Black Pearl extract


The Black Pearl is known to enhance skin’s ability to retain moisture and the extract in ANEW Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Créme immerses skin in moisture. Along with AVON’s highest level Celluvive anti-aging complex, this luxurious yet lightweight night cream dramatically improves visible signs of aging. I can order it tomorrow, a 1.7 oz. jar for only $34.99.

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As you can see, redbook named this one of their most valuable products, and I do as well! While my daily routine involves cleansers from the ANEW CLEAN line along with the cleansing brush, I keep this product in my nightstand for nights when my face could use an extra cleaning before closing my eyes. Just recently, I had showered, scrubbed my face, and was in bed when chaos ensued outside, prompting our dog to excitingly insist that we let him out. After inspecting the porch for possible culprits in need of shooing and taking attendance of my felines, I found myself back in bed feeling like my face could use a fresh wash. These pre-soaked pads were there, which worked out perfectly.

Anyhow, this is a great deal, as the pads normally sell for $24.99. To redeem this fantastic offer, use the code PEEL upon checkout. But don’t wait too long, this offer won’t last!

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The BEST Cleaning Brush around!



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I am absolutely amazed at how well this little gadget cleans my pores. I have been searching for something that works, without pulling capillaries to the surface at the same time, which is what happened when I tried a brand of “strips” I shall not name. And this cleaning brush is so gentle, that I doubt it’s effectiveness while using it – I keep thinking it needs to be rougher in order for it to work on my sun-beaten skin, but upon completion of my cleaning routine, I am pleasantly surprised at how well it worked.

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While I have not become “a natural” when it comes to applying makeup, I am learning! Videos such as the one I previously posted really help as well. I hope you enjoyed it too.

I am really enjoying the results I see and feel from using the Anew Clean daily scrub, I mean totally amazing! One product is all I have been washing my face with twice a day, in the morning and at night, and I have six different ones to try altogether. I am sold on the first one I tried. At any rate, if you are looking for a good skin cleanser, check-out the Anew line! I bet it is more affordable than you might think!

In fact, right now you can find an amazing deal on travel sizes – buy one for $12.99 and get one for $0.99! This is the perfect way to try out different ones to see what you like. In fact, I just ordered my mom a few to try so can tell me what she thinks of the different lines I choose for her – platinum, ultimate and reversalist.

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