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Ten Percent Off – Always!

Now when you shop at my AVON eStore – https://www.youravon.com/susieraffey – you will get 10% off the current price of each and every item in my store!

Furthermore, orders over $40 still get free shipping, giving you even more savings to love!

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So what are you waiting for? Surely you do not care to drive to the store and pay more for a fraction of the quality that AVON provides! Or maybe you do, that is your prerogative, as it is mine to use an exclamation mark at every sentence!

(I apologize to my mom for this irritating quirk, it’s just that with deals like this, how can I do anything else?!)

Introducing ANEW ULTIMATE SUPREME Advanced Performance Créme infused with Black Pearl extract


The Black Pearl is known to enhance skin’s ability to retain moisture and the extract in ANEW Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Créme immerses skin in moisture. Along with AVON’s highest level Celluvive anti-aging complex, this luxurious yet lightweight night cream dramatically improves visible signs of aging. I can order it tomorrow, a 1.7 oz. jar for only $34.99.

Text me your order! 561-662-6263
@AvonInsider ANEW Ultimate Supreme is a winter must-have hydration créme in @people! #AvonRep https://avon4.me/2f9ye0u

Campaign 21 Closing Soon!

My order has been placed for Campaign 21 and a big “Thank You!” to all who turned in an order. If you meant to but missed me on this “Turn in your Order Tuesday,” it’s not too late – you still have a little over an hour left to take advantage of the sales in Campaign 21. One of the hottest items on sale is the Anew Clean Cleansing Brush.


It really is quite a deal!